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MLB Survivor Contests Rules

  This award, featuring the winner's name engraved, will be the prize for this year's MLB Survivor contest winners. Click on the image for a closer view.  

Entering the Contests

  • Make your pick on the contest web site.
  • No cost to enter the contest, but only Affordable Trophies customers are invited to participate.
  • A contest of NL teams will be run first, then an AL contest; additional survivor contests may be run depending on the amount of time left in the MLB season.
  • Winners will receive a magnificent trophy similar to the one pictured on the left!


  • Each week, surviving contestants must pick one team that they think will win at least two games between Friday and Sunday of that week.
  • Contestants that pick a team that fails to win at least two games that weekend (Friday through Sunday) are eliminated. Those that correctly pick a team that wins at least two games that weekend survive to pick the following week.
  • Contestants must pick a different team each week. Picking a team that he/she picked in any previous week results in being eliminated. The web form will NOT alert a player that he/she picked a team he/she has already picked. There will be a report on the web site showing all teams picked by all players for each week; it is each player's responsibility to keep up with his/her previous picks and ensure that a repeat team is not selected.
  • Virtually all teams will be playing three games from Friday through Sunday; in the event that a rainout occurs and a selected team plays less than three games, the team must still win two of the remaining games for the contestant to survive. In the event of one or more double-headers being scheduled during a weekend, that just gives a selected team more opportunities to collect wins. The bottom line is, the selected team must win at least two games no matter what for the contestant to survive.
  • The winner shall be the person who is the last remaining survivor.
  • In the event of a tie, the player picking the team with the worst winning percentage in the last (surviving) week shall be declared the winner; if that does not break the tie, preceeding weeks will be used in similar manner until the tie is broken.
  • Current survivors will be posted on this site, as well as entry forms for the next week.


  • This contest is only open to Affordable Trophies purchasing customers.
  • Affordable Trophies may, at its sole descretion, extend or deny participation previleges in this contest.
  • One entry per person.
  • Email updates will be sent, but it is the participant's responsibility to make sure that they can receive email messages; Affordable Trophies will not be responsible for any circumstances due to email not being read due to incorrect email address provided, problems with a participant's email service, or messages trapped in spam filters.
  • This contest will be held entirely on the web; no entries or adjustments shall be made for any requests made in any other manner. In the event of a web site failure, Affordable Trophies shall determine the best way to proceed at the time.
  • Should any rule not be clear enough to cover any situation, Affordable Trophies shall be the sole judge in determining how the situation shall be handled.
  • Neither Affordable Trophies nor this contest is affiliated with Major League Baseball.

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