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Affordable Trophies Invitational Tournament Contest Rules

  This award, featuring the winner's name engraved, will be the prize for this year's contest winner. Click on the image for a closer view.  

Contest Standings

  • Final contest standings are now available.
  • We will update the standings web site as often as time permits.
  • Winner will receive this magnificent trophy pictured on the left!


  • Bracket slots filled out correctly will be assigned a point value as follows:
    • 2 pts for 1st round games
    • 3 pts for 2nd round games
    • 5 pts for Regional Semi-Final games
    • 8 pts for Regional Final games
    • 13 pts for Final Four games
    • 21 pts for the National Champion
    • PLUS "seed times round"
    • Example: Correctly picking a 12 seed to upset a five seed in the opening round would result in 2 points for correctly picking a first round game, plus 12 times 1, or 12 points for a 12 seed winning, for a total of 14 points for that game alone. Correctly picking a 12 seed to win in the second round would result in 3 pts plus 12 times 2, or 27 points for that game.
  • The winner shall be the person who has accumulated the most points at the end of the contest.
  • In the event of a tie, the person who picks the national champion correctly shall be declared the winner. In the event that does not break the tie, then the person who picks the most final four teams shall be declared the winner. If neither of those breaks the tie, then the winner shall be the person picking the number closest to the actual number of total points in the championship game (under beats over).
  • Current standings will be posted at this site; check back often to see where you rank. Standings may or may not be updated on week days until that evening.


  • This contest is only open to Affordable Trophies purchasing customers.
  • Affordable Trophies may, at its sole descretion, extend or deny participation previleges in this contest.
  • One entry per person.
  • Email updates will be sent, but it is the participant's responsibility to make sure that they can receive email messages; Affordable Trophies will not be responsible for any circumstances due to email not being read due to incorrect email address provided, problems with a participant's email service, or messages trapped in spam filters.
  • The NCAA may elect to refer to the first four games that occur before Thursday as "1st Round Games". In this contest, we will have our own names for each round's games; we will call the first four games "Play-In Games". The "Play-In Games" will not be part of this contest. The winners of the "Play-In Games" will not be posted in the contest form. The games featuring the winners of the "Play-In Games" will look similar to this on the entry form.
  • This contest will be held entirely on the web; no entries or adjustments shall be made for any requests made in any other manner. In the event of a web site failure, Affordable Trophies shall determine the best way to proceed at the time.
  • Should any rule not be clear enough to cover any situation, Affordable Trophies shall be the sole judge in determining how the situation shall be handled.
  • Neither Affordable Trophies nor this contest is affiliated with the NCAA.

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